A couple of weeks ago, a friend tagged me on facebook on a photo of mine. When I checked it out, I found myself and my group of friends with top bollywood actors and actresses. When I checked the snap in detail, I found out it was a new cool app named: Bollywood Jodi Maker . This app has become so popular that within a weeks time I see 2000+ weekly average users.

Later I too decided to try it out on my close friends and joined the app. The app does ask for permissions like any other facebook app and we just have to believe them to use them. Once joined, it asks to select 9 friends from our friends list, which is cool as we can select some close friends who  will not mind it. After selecting the friends, the app randomly matches the friends on your list with random bollywood actors and actresses.

What adds the FUN Factor is that some of the friends do get matched with some ugly looking faces. Once the photo is created we are given an option to publish it on our wall or tag and publish on the selected 9 friends wall. The app is very cool as it does not irritate anybody and asks for permissions before sharing. The app is so cool that if your friends list is in 100’s you will use it multiple times to prank many of your friends.

Tip: If you want to prank a selected friend with this app, just keep on repeating the photo creation until your target gets an ugly match :))

Try out this app and you will love it : Bollywood Jodi Maker

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