This is how to write a simple report for school. For a more complex report, read How to Write a Term Paper. This article refers to a simple report, mostly for middle schoolers and some high schools too.

1. Prepare an outline. Write an outline on what you would like to achieve on a sheet of paper. There should be at least:

An introduction.
Middle or body section with headings, detailing your research, ideas and discussion. Keep this at about 3 to 5 different topics at the most.
A summary and/or conclusion. Or arguments about the topic to reach your final point of view.

2. Research the topic. Get references/information relating to the specific question in hand, to back any points or arguments you want to make. Look online, in encyclopedias, and at the library. Print out or photo copy pages of information and highlight pertinent stuff.

3. Add a bibliography. Write or type your bibliography (a listing of your report sources) on a piece of paper or if you have a bibliographic page, write it down on that.

4. Write a rough draft. Proofread it and mark your errors clearly. Errors are not only spelling and grammar but also jumbled ideas and missing points.

5. Rewrite your report. Add pictures if you would like to or if it enhances the look. Use colored print if it is appropriate for the report.

6. Print and check for final errors. Bind the report if it is appropriate, or place in a folder.

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