Improving your aptitude of math will not only help in the classroom, but it will also helps in various other aspects of life; such as work, purchasing items, and organizing your financial portfolio.
1. Make sure that you understand all of the mathematical concepts. If you do not understand the concepts, then it will be difficult to be able to fully grasp the other concepts that you are being taught. Use practice problems and exercises to ensure that you will be able to understand it correctly.

2. Consider seeking out a proficient math tutor to help explain the mathematical concepts that are making it difficult for you to comprehend the points. They will be able to explain this in a simpler way than how your instructor had taught to you.

3. Make math a regular part of your life by using it on a daily basis. This will help you to continue increasing your aptitude of the subject.

4. Learn the mathematical terms in order to gain a better understanding of the concepts.

5. Buy helpful math guides or borrow books from the library that will assist you further in practicing your math skills.

6. Make sure to double check your work to make sure it is correct. If the answer is incorrect, take the extra time to figure out why and correct the work.

7. Write out the numbers and mathematical concepts correctly, as this will help to see the work properly. It is easy to make a mistake if the work is written out sloppily or messy.

8. Change your attitude to a positive one if you find that you do not like math. It will help you to increase your self-confidence. When you have confidence, it will help with completing the math work. Even if you have the wrong answer to a problem, try to not get discouraged–but be encouraged to keep trying to solve the problem.

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