Over a half-million foreign students are currently enrolled in U.S. colleges and universities, 20% of whom are in business fields. In graduate business education, the global presence and insight that foreign students tend to have become important elements in the international learning context of the education being presented. Many schools are now reporting foreign student enrollments of any where from 20 to 60 percent.

With the availability of internet-distributed information on the variety of MBA programs in the U.S., prospective students can easily research critical elements of specific programs and determine those that are top choices and/or good matches to achieve their further educational and career goals. Some important points to consider when narrowing choices would be:

* Length & strength of the program
* Curriculum choices/majors/specializations available
* Student body diversity—total size, geographic & cultural representations, professional backgrounds
* Faculty & program diversity, international diversity of the faculty, & international scope of the curriculum
* Student services—international student affairs office, career advising & management unit, alumni services
* Financial assistance opportunities.

Once a narrow list of programs has been identified, it is wise to speak with either current students within each program or alumni who have recently graduated to get a personal evaluation of their experience. If at all possible, a visit to the school is very helpful and recommended.

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