Getting a music education can benefit you whether you decide to pursue a career within this field or elsewhere. This is especially true for children, as they have an increased aptitude for learning how to read, play and sing music. Music education also helps cultivate healthy attitude towards competition with one’s self and others, making the challenge of mastering new skills a positive, enjoyable way to build confidence.
Music Education
1. Motor Skills:
The physical component of learning and practicing any instrument will help improve fine motor skills in addition to gaining new ones. The hand-eye coordination honed with properly handling and playing an instrument will also be an exceptional benefit to any person who pursues a tactile-based career later in life.

2. Discipline:
Regardless of the type of music education (instrumental, vocal, percussive), the dedication necessary to learn and improve upon their skills help these student develop a healthy sense of discipline. This discipline often transcends excellence in the music field; students of music regularly score higher on standardized tests, including the SAT and ACT.

3. Future Careers:
Students who have a particularly fulfilling experience with their music education often choose to pursue their given talents as a career. Even seemingly non-related fields such as the military, hospitality, marketing and media offer career paths with strong musical components.

4. Awards and Scholarships:
Participating in music education programs can help secure scholarships for college-level studies. These awards are offered by a variety of sources, including individual school departments, private organizations and music-oriented non-profits. Many music students often receive full scholarships based on their talents and dedication (see Resources).

5. Cultural Incentives:
Music education fosters an appreciation for the history of all forms of music, regardless of their origin. Many music education programs offer local field trips to concerts, museums and other related activities that expose students to a broad range of ways their education can be utilized for higher learning, performance and pleasure.

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