Whether it’s for a magazine, newspaper, your teacher, or even wikiHow, writing an amazing article whittles down to one widely-adaptable technique. Here’s how to use that technique to your advantage.

Determine your topic. Exactly what are you going to write about? Brainstorm for ideas if you have to. When writing for wikiHow, you may even wish to refer to requested topics for ideas. It shouldn’t matter that the same type of article had been written before or not, just think what you want to write.

Figure out who your audience is. Are you writing for a beginner, an intermediate, or an advanced audience? For example, if you are writing an article about “Creating PowerPoint Slides,” are your readers new to PowerPoint, or business people looking for advanced tips?

Do your research. How well do you know the topic? Is it something you can write easily about with little or no preparation, or do you need more information from experts in the field?

Decide on the length of the article. Teachers, magazines, and newspapers will often give you a limit. wikiHow articles, on the other hand, are often “as long as they need to be and no longer.”

Compile a list of possible sources for you to consult. This can include documents, internet research and people to talk to

Write either an outline or a summary of your article. This will help bring the concept of the article into sharper focus

Write the rough draft of the article as follows:

Tell your readers what you are going to tell them. This is your introduction. For example:

This article explains how to create a PowerPoint slide presentation. It covers the following information: choosing a theme, creating a title slide, and creating topic slides.
The information in this article is written for a beginner. The author assumes that you have never used PowerPoint.
Tell your readers what you promised to tell them. In this section you tell them how to choose a theme, create a title slide, and how to create topic slides.
Tell your readers what you just told them. For example:

This article taught you how to create a PowerPoint slide presentation. You learned how to choose a template, how to create a title slide, and how to create topic slides.

Check over your piece for presentation.

Rewrite the article as often as it takes.

Submit your completed article.

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