Learning never stops. It is a life long process. And you don’t have to be a genius or have a high IQ to keep
learning and growing intellectually. Here are a few steps to learn anything for educational, work, or fun purposes quickly.

First, know why you are reading the material. Exactly, what are you trying to learn? Is every section in the book important or is it OK to skim a few pages. And just remember key paragraphs. This will save time and help to focus on what’s most important about the subject.

Write down what is already known about the subject. Next, write down things you already know on the subject. Search quickly through book chapters looking for answers to what you don’t know.

Make sure to grasp important points on the subject while quickly skimming. This will help the learning process once you start reading in depth.

Try anticipating what the author will cover next in the book while skimming along. This will help keep interest and focus high.

Think as you read! What would you like to know most about the subject. Make a game out of it. And try to answer your questions before reading it in the book.

After reading the material close the book. Now, grab a pen and summarize what was read into one paragraph. This exercise will show if you have the major concepts down or need to review more.

Write down all the questions you think should know when finished reading the book. Quiz yourself on all the questions you’ve written down. Were there any weak spots? If so, focus on learning that material until it is memorized.

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