Bollywood superstar and co-owner of Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) IPL team Shah Rukh Khan, who had criticised Sunil Gavaskar on the issue of multiple-captaincy, has now apologised to the legendary batsman.”I have not said anything against Gavaskar. I just wanted to have a breathing space to try something new. I have sent him an apology letter if he felt so because he was in America that time,” Shah Rukh said before his departure to South Africa, last night.

He said, “due to the wonderful methodology that television applies, that comment was for people who don’t understand cricket and are still telling me how to run the team.””If Gavaskar asks me to walk on my head and run the team, I would. Any thing that Gavaskar says that has to do with cricket, if he mentions, should be followed,” the actor said.

The apology comes in wake of Shah Rukh’s criticism of Gavaskar, who had lashed out at KKR coach John Buchanan for his proposal to have multiple captains in the team. Shahrukh said the controversy had hurt him.”People are making comments without understanding what the concept of multiple captaincy is,” he said.

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  1. Hey king khan wazz up, im really worried abt KKR coz im a sri lankan i was in RSA joburg bt dnt worry king next year wil be ur’s


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