The bitter battle for control of the Rajasthan Cricket Association took an ugly turn on Saturday with President Lalit Modi being nearly man-handled amidst allegations and counter allegations between the rival factions.

On a day of high drama, trouble started with rumours that Modi with some of his loyalists was taking away important documents from the RCA office situated in the North block of the Sawai Man Singh stadium. Things turned rather ugly with police arriving at the scene and supporters of RCA Secretary Subhash Joshi and many Modi detractors gathered there.Media too was there as Modi loyalists and Secretary of the Kota District association Amin Pathan had called a press conference, which was later cancelled as the journalists chased the RCA President, who shut the doors of the office.

Joshi knocked hard to get the doors open and was involved in a mini altercation with Modi. Modi, who was surrounded by his bodyguards, said he had revoked the powers of Joshi while the latter claimed that in the light of newly adopted constitution of the RCA, Modi was left with little powers.Joshi also questioned Modi as to how he could deny entry to an elected Secretary. “I am the elected secretary. He can’t take away my powers and now the Registrar of the cooperative societies has adopted our constitution so Modi now does not have the absolute powers as President. He also tried to smuggle out important papers from office.

“I will look at it and if the charges are found right I may file even an FIR,” threatened Joshi, who also informed the police that some papers were being smuggled out.On the other hand Modi, who also suspended Joshi’s PA, insisted that he had invoked powers of Joshi. “Joshi  may continue as Secretary but I have invoked his powers. I have the right to do so. For other controversial matters I have formed a three members tribunal,” he said.

Regarding the Registrar of Co-operative Society adopting new constitution, Modi said the legalities were not followed. “Changes in constitution could be made only in AGM with two-third majority. A notice of 30 days has to be issued. These condition were not met. Moreover the copies of constitution are already with BCCI, High Court, Supreme court and other places. How that can be challenged,” he asked.

Meanwhile, Devaram Choudhary, the convener of the ad-hoc body formed by state government, said it was he who had filed this constitution in 2005.”The AGM of the ad-hoc body was held at Bikaner on January 27, 2005. With the approval of district units we filed our constitution but Lalit Modi too filed another constitution a few days later. Modi during his full tenure never paid any heed to this.Now some of the districts raised question regarding it. Registrar asked RCA secretary to adopt any one of the constitution. Joshi then by circulation got the approval from 26 districts. The secretary of Nagaur Rajendra Singh Nandu has also sent his approval. Modi is president of Nagaur,” he said.

Joshi said the constitution adopted by registrar was a legal document now. “In the case of Basant Jhunjhunwala v/s RCA where State Government is also a party, the same constitution has been used to file the reply. We will now be sending this to BCCI , Supreme Court and other places,” he said.The new constitution also rings alarm bells for Modi because it might threaten his candidature in RCA elections. “The new constitution which has succeeded the old one has provisions that persons who have been convicted would not be allowed to hold posts in RCA. Modi in his constitution had sought a way out by keeping a opening for ‘people convicted on moral ground’. Perhaps this was one of the reasons why Modi is shying away from elections,” said Joshi.

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