If you want to enjoy multimedia there are all sorts of solutions, from HiFi stereos to DVD players. This time ViewSonic has two media players to offer us, so let’s have a closer look.

ViewSonic is releasing two models of HD media players: VMP74 and VMP75. Interesting thing about the media players is that both of them are based on Sigma’s SMP8650 media processor system-on-chip that offers full HD video playback as well as Dolby Digital audio and Full HD output via HDMI 1.3.

As for the support of media formats you’ll be pleased to know that both of these models have a wide support of media formats. Supported formats are AVI, MOV, JPG, WAV, MP4, MP3 and FLAC, and besides those you can even tune in and listen to the Internet radio broadcast. In addition, there’s Ethernet port for web access to social networks such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and other web content. Another great feature that these media players have to offer is video on demand. Thanks to the video on demand services you can access Netflix if you own VMP75 and BBCiPlayer for VMP74 for the market of United Kingdom. If you need additional storage space you can find USB port and eSATA connectors for external storage. WiFi module is also available.

As you see, ViewSonic delivered us two decent media players. Wide range of support different media formats, internet access and a lot more comes with the price, so if you want to give it a go you can pre-order the VP75 for $149.99.

[via iTechNews]

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