Microsoft Outlook Express (OE) is a very widely utilized email program. It is included with Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 4 through 6 and Windows 98 through XP. It has since been substituted with Windows Mail in Window Vista and then Microsoft Windows Live Mail. Microsoft Outlook Express is still used daily by millions of computer users. In order to remain safe and secure from unwanted threats, Outlook Express should have all of the current security patches installed. Most people can complete this process in a few minutes.

1. Open Microsoft Outlook Express. Click on “Help” on the menu bar. Select “Microsoft on the Web.” Click on “Windows Update” to open Microsoft Update web page. Verify your copy of Windows; if this is the first time, you have accessed it.

2. Click on the “Express” button to get Microsoft Security Patches. These patches are critical updates and included in the high-priority updates. Wait for your system to be scanned. This will only take a moment.

3. Review updates recommended. Windows Update will find all obtainable updates for your system. The most vital ones will be shown. This includes Microsoft Security Patches for Microsoft Outlook Express. The total download size and download time will also be visible.

4. Click on the “Install Updates” button to begin the download of the recommended updates. Select “Run” to immediately install the Security Patches or other updates. Choosing “Save” allows you to install the updates later.

5. Follow the guidelines provided by Microsoft to install Security Patches for Outlook Express or additional ones found. A restart of your system could be required to complete the update.

6. Access Security Patches for Outlook Express other ways. You can also access Microsoft Window Update by clicking on “Tools” on the menu bar and then “Windows Update,” or through clicking on “Start,” “All Programs” and then “Windows Update.”

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