HTC launched its line of Advantage products in 2007 to bridge the gap between laptop and smartphone technologies. Operating off of a cellular 3G network, the Advantage is a series of mobile office devices designed to allow people to take their work wherever they go.

1. Form:
The most distinct aspect of the HTC Advantage is its form-factor. It is a cell phone-like device with a unique feature: a fully detachable QWERTY keyboard. When the keyboard is attached, the machine feels like a small netbook. Without the keyboard, the 5-inch touch screen operates just as one would expect an iPhone or iPod touch to work. The touch technology has been implemented very well into the Advantage.

2. Sofware:
The Advantage is based on the Windows Mobile 6 operating system. This operating system gives users the advantage of working within a fully functional, business-standard Windows environment. The device comes loaded with mobile versions of the major Microsoft Office programs, including Word, PowerPoint and Excel. For surfing the Internet, users have a choice between the latest version of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer or new Opera 9 browser.

3. Features:
The HTC Advantage comes standard with a large, 5-inch touch screen display. It also includes 16 gigabytes of internal storage, GPS functionality, specialized finger gesture software, a 3-megapixel camera, as well as the capability to play MP3s and a wide variety of video formats.

4. Performance:
The HTC Advantage is the fastest device of its kind on the market. Using a 624 MHz processor, the Advantage is sure to offer enough speed for basic web browsing and document editing. The Windows Mobile 6 operating system has also been proven to perform well on the device. The onboard speakers do leave a bit to be desired for sound quality, but the Advantage does include a 3.5mm headphone jack. The battery life is about 5.5 hours per charge.

5. Functionality:
The Advantage is the perfect device for the on-the-go businessman who needs to have constant access to his work. It is important to note that mainstream users would have very little use for this product. While it operates on a cellular network, the telephone capabilities of the device are lacking. The form-factor makes it difficult to use a traditional cell phone, and the speakerphone functionality is not up to par to with standard technologies. That being said, the Advantage is the perfect device for those who need a small, lightweight fully-functional mobile office.

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