Tablet PCs are lightweight, mobile PCs which are approximately the size of paper tablets. A tablet PC is a true personal computer with a compact, convertible design that enables hospital and medical center technicians, artists, design and entertainment industry professionals, gaming enthusiasts and many others to function without lugging around heavy laptops or portable notebooks. There are many advantages of tablet PCs which has seen a rise in their popularity and acceptance.

1. Lighter Than Laptops:
The extremely lightweight and handy characteristics of tablet PCs as compared to laptops are definitely the biggest advantage. Tablet PCs can be easily tucked under the arm and moved from place to place even by teenagers.

2. Personlization of Input:
As tablet PCs are functional with the help of the special digital pen or stylus like gadget, the handwriting of a person becomes the input. This enables better personalization and value-addition to work-based input than possible with a touchpad or mouse.

3. Flat Working Surface:
The form factor and convertible design characteristic of a tablet PC enables it to be laid flat on any working surface. This facilitates better presentations, personalized interactions with people or ability to showcase work to others in any work setting.

4. Electronic Input Leverage:
In college or school classrooms, sales meetings, conferences, you can take down notes which are electronic inputs. These handwritten notes can be stored, accessed, reviewed, reorganized and synchronized with inputs in other formats to streamline work and create superior output or compelling presentations.

5. Other Advantages:
Third-party software, applications and tools made specifically for tablet PCs, low-heat processor, longer battery life are some of the other advantages of tablet PCs.

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