Versace has introduced their first luxury phone, called the Versace Unique and is planed to be sold through its worldwide boutiques and other selected jewelry and watch networks. The Versace Unique was designed together by Versace with the Modelabs Group.

The Versace Unique will pack lots of precious stones and gold, It’s crafted with pure ceramic or handmade lacquers, delicately framed with 18K or 316L grade stainless steel inlay. It’ll also come with a touchscreen that is protected with a single piece sapphire crystal screen.

The phone’s software is provided by LG which will come with touch interface that is said to seamlessly interface between life and technology, design and usefulness. Other than the luxury materials used on the phone, it also packs pretty good hardware specs such as a 5-megapixel camera, LED flash, and Dolby Mobile surround sound etc. It’ll be coming sometime in early June and should be a good compliment to Versace’s core fashion products.

[via slashphone]

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