Refurbished components are often just as high quality as brand new ones. Don’t confuse the term “refurbished” for “used” as refurbished components have been inspected for quality and function by the vendor or manufacturer. You can be assured that you’ll be getting an excellent laptop hard drive for a lower price when you buy from a reputable refurbished components vendor.

1. Significance:
The vast majority of refurbished components were returned to the vendor without having ever been taken out of the box. In fact, most refurbished components were returned by corporate clients who found that they no longer needed the components. Refurbished laptop hard drives are re-tested in a number of different parameters to ensure that they are as functional as brand new ones.

2. Function:
Laptop hard drives tend to have shorter working lives than ordinary hard drives. Despite this, refurbished hard drives are still excellent deals. There’s no reason to struggle on with an overly small or slow laptop hard drive when you can very easily and inexpensively get a refurbished part that will work with your laptop. Refurbished parts actually go through a more intensive testing process than brand new ones.

3. Prevention/Solution:
For the best results, it’s suggested that you get a refurbished component from your laptop manufacturer. Laptop motherboards are not standardized, thus many hard drives only function properly when they are designed particularly for the laptop in question. Refurbished laptop parts are always clearly labeled with the manufacturer’s name, so it should not be a significant challenge to identify which parts you need.

4. Warning:
Laptop hard drives from non-licensed dealers-or individual vendors selling parts over an online auction service-should not be trusted. The prices may be lower, but without going through a reputable dealer, you won’t know if the hard drive that you’re buying has been tested for proper functioning. Even if it works well for the moment, it may have been so well-used that it is towards the end of its ordinary lifespan.

5. Benefits:
Many refurbished laptop hard drives include a one year or longer guarantee for less money than you would be paying for a similar new component. Make sure that you distinguish between ordinary refurbished hard drives and those that have been called in to have a malfunctioning part replaced. These will be clearly labeled, but will often sell for a steeper discount.

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