Learning different computer languages is learning computer programming. Not too many years ago, computer programming was quite a primitive affair. No longer. Here are some steps to take if you want to learn different computer languages.
1. Enroll in a computer school:
* Get into computer programming. Know a little HTML, database design, PHP, a little AJAX, and a little Visual Basic. Being a mainframe operator is interesting,
* Ask yourself or consult somebody who can tell honestly which computer language is best and which one would be attractive to an employer. A local PHP programmer or an Action script programmer are usually picked up by experts and offered jobs.

2. Study your lessons and perform exercises:
There are people who are helpful in sharing their well-commented, clearly written codes that conform to best practices. Some people are really good but they are also good in hacking somebody else’s program. They are not the people to be emulated. There are many computer programming languages available for any particular computer. The virtual babble of languages is difficult for a beginner to understand. Each computer program has a particular exercise. Solving this exercise as a practice will help one become adept or skillful in many computer languages. To learn different computer languages the learner is expected to perform different problems several times until doing one program becomes as easy as a-b-c.

3. Read computer books:
Computer books are tools for serious programming activities. A computer language allows you to give instructions to the computer in a form which resembles English. It is interesting to note that some programming environments compile instructions to memory. The program is translated into machine language and this machine language is stored in RAM for running later. Computer books give the learner the basic idea of how computer language interfaces with the programmer.

4. Work honestly during exams:
If you are interested in employability using your computer skills, working honestly during school exams is a must. In the classroom you can always do some cheating even if the instructor is vulture-eyed. You can get high grades and graduate with honors and medals. However, these classroom medals and honors cannot be used during actual interviews for a job you really like. Granting that an applicant passes the first screening, which is an interview, the second screening may not be favorable especially if a skill test is given. While if all these medals and honors are honestly earned in the class, good luck could always be at hand.

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