An ISO image is a type of archive file that contains all the information of a CD including its attributes and boot code. The ISO image is the CD’s virtual copy so any data contained in it can be opened without accessing the original source. Steps to convert CD-R to ISO using the software CDBurnerXP on your Windows XP computer.

1. Download and install the application CDBurnerXP.
Launch your choice of Internet browser and access the website Locate the Download now! link and click on it once. Click on the Save File button from the pop up dialog box. Afterwards, assign a save location for this downloadable file. Once done, simply click on the button Save to begin the process of downloading. When done, double click on its icon and you will see an install wizard will pop up. Just follow the instructions given by the wizard for correct installation of the program.

2. Launch CDBurnerXP from your computer.
Launch the Start menu and click on All Programs. From the cascading menu, locate CDBurnerXP and click on it once. If you have set a desktop shortcut, then simply double click on it to launch the application on your personal computer.

3. Start the process of converting the CD-R to an ISO image.
On the Action Selection window of CDBurnerXP, click on the fourth option Copy Disc. Afterwards, click on the Copy Data button in the Copy Disc section. From the Copy ISO box, go to the Select target device: section and click on its pull-down arrow. Highlight and click the option Hard disc afterwards. Now, go to the Select path for ISO image: section and click on the button right beside it. When you do so, the Select path and filename for iso image dialog box pops up. Assign a name in the File name: section and make sure the Save as type: section is set to ISO file. Once certain, click on the button Save. From the Copy ISO Disc window, click on the Copy disc button. A progress bar will be shown updating you of the conversion process. Once the conversion is finished, simply click on the OK button from the CDBurnerXP pop up box and the Close button from the Copy ISO Disc window.

ISO files are not compressed so they may take considerable space in your Windows XP computer. To avoid clogging up the hard disk space of your machine, delete any ISO image files you no longer use.

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