Download background music can be found for free on the Internet and easily inserted into your Power Point presentation.
1. Make sure the file is supported. Power Point only supports some sound clip formats such as .MID (MIDI), .AIFF, and .MP3. Some formats require special players and setup so make sure you have the correct players for the music you want to play. You also have the option of converting files to a file that is supported. When you download background music selections, make sure that they fit one of these file formats or you know you will be able to convert the file.

2. Decide what style of music you need. Before you even begin searching, you need to decide what type of music you want to play during your presentation. If this is a fun, casual presentation, then just about anything will do. If this is a more professional presentation, make sure that the selection isn’t offensive. If you will be speaking during the presentation, the volume should be adjusted accordingly.In general, soft music that has music loops is a good choice.

3. Visit a website that has free music for your presentation. There are several websites out there that let you download background music specifically to use on your Power Point presentation. BrainyBetty, RoyaltyFreeMusic, and MyMusicInc are a few of them. You can also perform a simple Internet search to locate more free music. There are many other websites with free powerpoint templates.

4. Use what you already have. You may overlook the fact that you have tons of CDs and MP3s. All of these can be used as background music for your Power Point presentation. Most local libraries also have CDs you can check out for free to use during your presentation. You will need to convert your CD to a playable format so it will play in your presentation. It’s important to note that you must have the copyright owner’s permission before using the music.

5. Insert your new music. Once you have located and downloaded your free Power Point presentation background music, it needs to be inserted into your presentation. This is very simple to do, just go to “Insert,” “Movies and Sound,” and then “Sound” from File. Select your saved file and it will be placed in your Power Point presentation. There are some settings so you can set the volume to just how you want it.

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