The benefits of a wireless conferencing station include mobility and swift data streaming. You can only derive these benefits if you have properly setup the conferencing station to work with your office network. You need to keep security measures, Internet speed and video capabilities in mind while you set up a wireless station.

1. Secure information transmitted from your computer to a wireless conferencing station during the setup process. Your computer-security settings should be set at the maximum level available while allowing data streaming from the station. Most wireless stations have a security package that comes standard with purchase.

2. Plug your wireless station unit into your computer and a phone jack to continue your setup. You will need to connect the wireless unit to applicable equipment during setup to calibrate data services to the new station.

3. Place remote conferencing units throughout larger rooms or adjacent areas to spread out your station’s range. You can purchase additional remote products through the station manufacturer that are easy to connect to a wireless station.

4. Modify the sound levels on your wireless station as you set up for a presentation or meeting. You should say a few sentences into the microphones or remote units, and allow the participants to indicate the ideal volume.

5. Run a test of your station’s speakers before each meeting to let your office staff listen to input from exterior participants. You can perform a sound test on your station by turning on the speaker-phone and listening to voicemail or automated messages through your company.

6. Add microphones to the central-conference station and each remote station if you have smaller groups virtually attending the meeting. Each person at the meeting can pass the microphone around the table to make the conference more fruitful.

7. Store batteries near your wireless conference station and remote units to avoid lost time due to low power. The major issue with wireless stations is that additional units have a limited amount of power to increase the mobility of the unit. You should use the AC adapter or install a new battery as soon as the power indicator dips to the lowest level.

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