If you want your child to have Internet access, without having to standing over his shoulder the entire time he is online, Net Nanny is an alternative you can use. Using Net Nanny will allow your child a little sense of independence while she is online. Although she is independently browsing, you can check and monitor the browsing history. Fairly simple to install, Net Nanny can give you a sense of security, knowing who your child is communicating with online and what they are doing online when you are not looking.

1. Visit the Net Nanny website to purchase the Net Nanny software for your computer. In order to use the Net Nanny software your computer must be running Windows or Macintosh, with at least 25 MB of RAM.

2. Check your email. The email from Net Nanny will include your software registration number and a link for you to click on that will initial the Net Nanny software download. Click on the link to download the software.

3. Close all open programs that are on your computer. Click on the Net Nanny icon that is located on your desktop. This will start the automatic setup wizard. In order to run the wizard you must be connected to the Internet.

4. Enter your software registration number after you have accepted the license agreement.

5. Enter an administrative password for your Net Nanny account. It is recommended that you choose a password that your children or others won’t be able to figure out. Proceed to install the software to the drive location of your choice.

6. Click on “Add” to create a user account. Enter a username and password for the account. This is the account username and password the child will have to use to access the Internet. After creating the username and password, you will be able to customize the settings and make an age specific profile to monitor Internet usage.

7. Restart your computer after the new user account has been set up. Net Nanny is now ready for usage.

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