A digital book, commonly known as an electronic book or e-book, is just like any other book in hard and paperback covers. However, the only difference is that the e-book does not undergo the process of printing before it can be published. It is one file that can be downloaded via the Internet and can be read right away. Usually, devices such as computers, mobile phones, and e-readers are used to be able to read this kind of book.
The History of Digital Books:
Digital books are still young in age. At first, the book was only produced for a limited number of audiences only and with a limited area of interest. Indexes of this digital media could only be accessed by a few who have contact to the specific area of interest. For example, installation and user guides for different media, especially computers, come in a digital format. Therefore, they can only be viewed by those who have purchased that specific device.However, as the demand for this kind of convenience grew, different formats of e-books were released in the market. Any quality book that deserves publication has become accessible for multiple downloads from the Internet. In fact, authors who had not gotten any publisher for their books resort to uploading their digital books online
just to gain readership.With this, the digital world of books has become so vast that it includes a lot of book themes from cooking to history. This wide index of selections made the industry on par with the traditional printing of manuscripts.

The Benefits of Digital Books:
It is obvious that e-books will not be patronized by millions of people if they do not see any convenience from choosing this advanced technology. In fact, any digital book reader can find benefits such as:

1. Thousands of this kind of book with different themes can be downloaded and read for free.
2. One can easily find the book quotes for the releases, because they are all available online.
3. Download and purchase of this sort of book is fast and can be done in a matter of minutes as compared to buying a regular book in a bookstore, which will require more effort.
4. E-books can cost less than regular printed manuscripts.
5. Some advanced electronic copies have a motion capability.
6. In terms of volume and weight, e-books are perfect to be carried any place. Aside from this, multiple ones can be saved in a device without the hassles of lifting a number of books.
7. The text size can be adjusted for convenience in reading.
8. In terms of production, it costs less than printing.

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