Apple Ipad 2 is in short supply in India at present. Check out at the nearest Apple store or Apple reseller and you might get a reply that its not in stock or a request to book it. Probably, for the ones who wish to own one, will have to ask their overseas friend to bring one with them. OR if you can wait for 15 to 20 days time you can order it on Most of the models of iPad are at ready stock on this website for sale in India. According to some sites, they outsource it from US and sell in India and that’s the reason for the delay in delivery.

Ipad 2

Most models are sold at the India price of Apple Ipad and comes with the Apple one year warranty and other benefits with the original Apple product.  Also a 500 Rs discount voucher is also available at checkout. For those who cannot wait for the iPad 2 can order it from this website.

Update: Now its out of stock also at and the only option left is to buy from Compare various sellers prices at Ebay and also check their selling reputation before ordering the iPad from ebay.  Most of the sellers of iPad 2 at ebay will ship the items to where Bluedart couriers provide service. In case you live in a small city or village, you probably will have to travel to the city to get one or ask your friend in the city to receive the product and handover to you. On Ebay, as the iPad 2 is in short supply sellers may charge a premium over the official Apple iPad 2 prices.


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