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Aakash : Secrets behind world’s cheapest tablet!

A couple of weeks back, the govt of India announced the release of Aakash , the cheapest tablet which will be available for students @ Rs.1500 (US $30). However, a […]

Review of HP ProBook 5330m

Starting at $799 the HP ProBook 5330m is a sturdy business laptop. At first look it may resemble a quite like the Apple’s Mackbook Pro but it still inherits the […]

iPad 2: Experience with my First Apple Product

I would not say this a review but an experience of sorts. After a long wait I finally managed to get an iPad 2 which is almost out of stock […]

Apple iPad 2 Shortage in India? Where to buy iPad 2 in India?

Apple Ipad 2 is in short supply in India at present. Check out at the nearest Apple store or Apple reseller and you might get a reply that its not […]

Steps for installing Wireless VPN

A local area network gives you several advantages over an Internet connection related to file sharing and data transfer. Traditionally, local networks only function between computers connected to the same […]

Steps to install Ethernet & work with Windows XP

Getting Ethernet to work with Windows XP involves having compatible devices, proper connections, and updated driver software. When the Ethernet connection is not working, the first thing to do is […]

The security patches installation process for MS Outlook Express

Microsoft Outlook Express (OE) is a very widely utilized email program. It is included with Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 4 through 6 and Windows 98 through XP. It has since […]

The importance of Zip Disk

Zip disks are a type of storage medium designed to work in a small, portable drive known as a zip drive. The purpose behind these disks and drives was to […]

Details of upcoming BlackBerry Curve 9300

We’ve known for a while that RIM plans to replace the BlackBerry Curve 85xx with the BlackBerry Curve 8300 for a while now. As the pictures reveal, the BlackBerry 9300 […]

ViewSonic presents two HD media players

If you want to enjoy multimedia there are all sorts of solutions, from HiFi stereos to DVD players. This time ViewSonic has two media players to offer us, so let’s […]

Microsoft will fix 34 vulnerabilities

Microsoft will on Tuesday issue 10 bulletins fixing 34 vulnerabilities affecting Windows, Office, and Internet Explorer. Six of the bulletins affect Windows, with two of those rated critical by Microsoft. […]

The details about the Barebones Computer Kits

Computer technology is constantly changing and evolving, and this can make acquiring a new machine very costly. One way to avoid these high prices is to buy a barebones kit […]

Pedal powered phone charger by Nokia

Nokia unveiled on Thursday a bicycle-powered phone charger. The Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit, which can be attached to any bicycle, powers up from the pedaling motion of the bike’s rider. […]

Latest Intel Core processors for ultra-thin laptops

Intel Corporation has introduced new Intel Core processors, extending the availability of its Intel Core processor family to more stylish, ultra-thin laptops, which are less than an inch thick and […]

2 Million iPads sold in just 2 months

Apple has now sold more than two million iPad tablets, it said Monday, less than two months after the iPad’s April 3 U.S. launch. On May 28, Apple started selling […]

The details of Refurbished Harddrives for Laptops

Refurbished components are often just as high quality as brand new ones. Don’t confuse the term “refurbished” for “used” as refurbished components have been inspected for quality and function by […]

Samsung presents new USB monitor

Due to the development of computer technology, computer monitors have changed a lot. At first, we had VGA monitors and after them the DVI monitors came. We have never imagined […]

Steps for getting back the lost Partition in Linux

It is frustrating to lose a partition, particularly the one that holds your operating system. If you run Linux and you lose that partition, you can no longer access your […]

Asus previews Eee Pad EP121 and EP101TC

Many people have been waiting for the ASUS Eee Pads for a long time. If you don’t know, ASUS intents to join the tablets race with Eee Pad and to […]

14-inch LifeBook LH520 by Fujitsu

There’s no need to mention Fujitsu and the quality of their products. From scanners, printers, tablets and laptops Fujitsu has it all. This time, Fujitsu decided to present us their […]

Steps for removing the sharing violation in a PC

A sharing violation exists to protect those who use a networked system or a computer with multiple accounts. Shared violation indicates someone other than the owner of a file or […]

Steps to protect a PDF File by using a password

Adobe Acrobat is a software program designed to open PDF-formatted files (such as job or apartment-lease applications). Adobe Acrobat makes it easier to electronically fill out these forms by allowing […]

Steps for solving the Windows XP Error

Even with the introduction of and increasing familiarity with Windows Vista, Windows XP  continues to be a popular and trusted operating system. Users enjoy the intuitive functionality to which they […]

Review of Latest Micromax Q7 EzPAD

After the success of earlier models viz, the Q3 and the Q5 in the ezpad series; Micromax is out with yet another qwerty phone, Micro max Q7 ezpad. Micromax has […]

AMD comes out with Desktop Chips, Vision Notebook

With an emphasis on multimedia processing capabilities, AMD announced a complete refresh of its desktop and notebook platforms based on Vision technology, which claims to offer long battery life and […]

Now Microsoft Releases Office 2010 version

Microsoft on Wednesday formally launched the newest version of its Office productivity suite with an eye to protecting its turf on the desktop while forging ahead on the Internet, where […]

Steps for preparing a Computer Code

Computer languages are used to instruct computers to perform tasks that computers are ideal for, such a complex mathematics and processing large amounts of information. Computers speak in a language […]

The different ways to license a Software

A software license both imposes restrictions and grants certain rights to the end user. Using the software outside of the terms of the license is considered an infringement and gives […]

Steps for solving the MTU in a Computer

MTU, or maximum transmission unit, refers to the data byte size that can be transmitted via the Internet over a period of time. In simplest terms, the higher the MTU […]

Steps for testing the functions of a Sound Card in a PC

Sound cards may be the most problematic piece of computer hardware there is. Most cards install well and load their software as designed, but some are problems from the start. […]

Apple Upset Microsoft Value Chart

Apple Inc shot past Microsoft Corp as the world’s biggest tech company based on market value on Wednesday, the latest milestone in the resurgence of the maker of the iPhone, […]

Steps for adding a Bluetooth Device

A Bluetooth network between computers allows you to transfer data and files from one system to the other through wireless transmission. You can also transfer data between handheld computer devices […]

Steps for troubleshooting a Computer Video Card problem

You may experience problems with your video display for various reasons such as improper display settings or inappropriate card installation. In the following steps, you will discover how to troubleshoot […]

Steps to make your own custom shortcut keys in MS Word

Microsoft Word along with the other Office programs are sometimes called productivity tools because they can help you accomplish office-related work faster. You need to be familiar with Word’s operation […]

Steps to get software for a Computer which is outdated

With the fast turnover of computer technology, the computer you purchased a couple of years ago will definitely be considered obsolete since most operating systems and software evolves with the […]

HTC G1 do not have Android OS 2.2

There are many Android OS users all over the world that have been waiting Android OS 2.2 for so long, but there are some sad news for the G1 owners. […]

World’s first external graphic card by MSI

There have been all sorts of external devices both for laptops and for desktop computers, starting from external hard drives to DVD burners. However, has there ever been an external […]

Magellan’s Latest RoadMate GPS navigation devices

Magellan certainly know their way around in the world of GPS navigation, and have come up with a new generation of RoadMate series of portable vehicle navigation devices. This new […]

Acer Launcing LumiRead ebook reader

Who would have thought that even a company like Acer would take the plunge into the world of ebook readers? Well, that has happened with the Acer LumiRead, the latest […]

Steps to use camera in Mobile as Webcam for a Computer

If you are looking to install a webcam for your computer, especially to use with your instant messaging  system, you don’t necessarily need to purchase an actual webcam. It is […]

Steps to adjust the color resolution in a Computer monitor

If image colors look a little off on your computer monitor, you may need to fix the color resolution on your computer. Computer color resolution can run from monochrome, which […]

Steps for making your own Network Cable Tester

Network cable testers are basically a battery and several lights, with the network cable itself providing the current path. If the cable is good, the bulbs will illuminate. Making one […]

Things to do while Troubleshooting a Computer Speaker

Although most modern speakers have immediate plug and play connectivity, PC speakers are notorious for having installation and play issues, especially as they age. Luckily, there are a few simple […]

Troubleshooting technique for a mini SD card

Mini SD cards are more compact versions of the standard SD memory cards  and are meant primarily for cell phones and cameras. If your mini SD card is no longer […]

Steps for using a VNC in a Computer

VNC, or Virtual Network Computing, allows you to remotely log in to any computer with VNC installed. Unlike Remote Desktop, VNC allows both the remote and current user to see […]

Digital Harinezumi 2 Video Camera

Super 8 cameras were released in 1965 by Eastman Kodak as an improvement over their standard 8 mm format. Many memories were captured on this silent format and one can […]

Here comes the Solar Chargers for your Gadgets and Cellphones

Even though we’ve never reviewed them here (what’s wrong with us?) we actually own and use both the Powermonkey eXplorer and the Solio Magnesium Edition Solar Charger and find both […]

Latest Garminfone’s Review

Garminfone, the first Android-powered smartphone fully integrated with Garmin’s premium navigation experience. Anticipated to be available later this spring, Garminfone is a sleek, full-touch 3G smartphone with a large 3.5-inch […]

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