Toy hamsters otherwise known as Zhu Zhu Pets are so hot this Christmas they caused a scuffle among Black Friday shoppers in Indianapolis. Parents are so eager to lay their hands on them that Walmart.com and Toysrus.com have sold out of them. Some retailers are still selling them, but at four, five, even eight times their suggested retail price.

Parents hoping to find a popular Zhu Zhu Pet for their child this Christmas may be disappointed this Cyber Monday; online retailers are still showing “out of stock” statuses for each of the cute little motorized hamsters. The toys have been available only intermittently for a month, as demand has far exceeded supply. Many have resorted to buying Zhu Zhu pets and other hot items (such as the Mindflex biofeedback game, Bakugan collectible card game, and dolls like Barbie Fashionistas and Moxie Girls) on eBay from resellers who saw the potential for gain.

There is one piece good news for those on the quest for the holy Zhu Zhus but unwilling to pay eBay markups – as much as $60 for a toy listing at $10 – national retailer Toys R Us plans to stock the toy heavily in the month of December. Toys R Us stores generally get delivery early in the morning; store personnel will not be able to tell you if Zhu Zhu pets will be in any particular day’s delivery, but can tell you on what days their stores receive new stock. Set the alarm clock and put the coffeemaker on auto-brew; those December mornings are cold.

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