April Fool……… 1st April is a day of friendly pranks on family, friends and business colleagues, has arrived once again.

On this day  the majority of people spend their time for online browsing, emailing or shopping.

If you want to play a joke on your friends where they spend most of their time on computers and offices.

Then following are 10 way by using which you can make your friend April fool.

1. You can make all the phones in Your Office ring simultaneously. You can do these by using Skype and it will cost you approximately $10 for this prank.

2. Optical Mouse Confusion……

It is another way to do April fool. Few of us still use the computer mouse with a rolling ball in it so you have to do some update for the optical sensor mice. You have to simply stick a piece of tape on the laser sensor in the bottom by coloring the nonstick side and watch the victim get frustrated as the mouse goes haywire.

3. Screen shot as Wallpaper Prank………

This way of making fool is deserves a little effort, but the reactions make it worthwhile.
Take a screen shot of your friends computer with print screen, hide all the icons, minimize open applications and then set the task bar on auto hide. Watch their reactions as they attempt to select any icon or application without getting any response.

4. Drive a Windows user insane………….

You can set any specific icon for example Firefox, internet explorer, or outlook to be an automatic shutoff button. Then follow the instructions at the link, and watch as your friends continuously shut down when attempting to start a specific application.

5. Rotate the screen displayed…………..

This way is also very interesting. This one works on most Intel computers and is very easy to see if it does. Simply press ctrl + alt + arrow direction preferred

that is up, down, left, right. Afterward leave the computer and watch for the victim cannot bring it back unless he knows the magic formula.

6. Mysterious light bulb prank…………..

In these task , light a bulb with your hand. This may not be an extremely easy office prank, but is still fun to do on friends and family. The link shows you a video with all the directions of making this magic light bulb work only in the palm of your hand.

7. Paper cup Table Top………….

In this method load a colleagues work desk with plenty of paper cups, fill them up with water close to the top, and then staple them all together. By using this method your friend really becomes the fool.

8. Computer Tourettes………..

For this method you have to load a script that will randomly write swear words in a word document or outlook function. The directions for this prank can be found at the link.

9. Cracked LCD Screen saver……………

Wow its very inresting prank. As the name suggests, make your friends think that their expensive screen is cracked and ruined. This method is easy to do, fun to watch, and completely harmless.

All above are very inreting pranks but remember all these pranks are for only fun and not harm, so please enjoy and laugh this April Fools.

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