Learning how to do magic is not only fun, but can a life changing experience for it’s mastery of the hands and ability to amaze people. Follow these steps and you will be on your way to becoming a great magician for all to enjoy.

1. Learn the oath of the magician before learning any tricks. ” I will never reveal my secrets of the tricks, and I will only perform them once for any individual.” This is important that you follow this cardinal rule of magicians. Most magicians will not teach you tricks unless you swear by this rule. Most people just want to know the secret of how its done because they can’t stand being baffled, once they know the secret, then it is no longer impressive. So keep the secret to yourself and no one else.

2. Buy yourself a few decks of card and get some larger coins to use for practice such as quarters and half dollars. I recommend the bicycle decks of cards for they works the best.

3. Now your ready to start learning magic. If you can find someone to teach you personally then I suggest asking them to teach you and let them know you are willing to be devoted to magic. If this is not the case, then you can find tricks online but you have to pay the price for the secret. Check out the resources for a few of the best magic sites out their that will give you great tricks to work with.

4. Practice doing flourishes with cards such as a fan and the dribble. This will make your card magic look impressive and you will look like you know what you are doing when you perform for people, and some of them just look amazing. If you practice with coins, learn the coin roll over the knuckles. If you get bored, you can always play with cards and coins now just practicing your flourishes.

5. Once you find a few good tricks, practice, practice, practice. This is something you will need to do often. Practice in front of a mirror till it looks right to you.

6. When you have it looking good in a mirror, find a person who is close to you such as a best friend or your spouse and do the trick for them and get their opinion on how it looks to them. Don’t expose the answer to them if they ask, just get their take on it if they are fooled about it or not. Once it looks good, then your ready to take it to the streets.

7. Create a routine to use on the streets. Get a friend or two to come along and try to round up different people and perform your routine for them. Walk up to random strangers who do not look busy and ask them if you can perform a few tricks for them. If you do well, you and them will be glad you did, especially after you get amazing reactions from them.

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