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Earthquakes are one of the most powerful and destructive natural forces on earth. It can strike without a warning at any place no matter whether you live in a high seismic zone or not.  However, even though an earthquake of 6+ on the Richter scale can be unsafe for many, here is a short checklist of what you can do during an earthquake to be safe and have maximum chances for survival:

1. Best possible place to hide if you are on ground floor would be to get beneath a strong table. Wooden structures are more resistant to earthquake and can protect you from falling objects overhead. If you live in a high seismic place make sure your room has a strong table to hide. In case if you don’t have a table, just a cushion or pillow to cover your head.

2. In case of severe earthquakes, its better to hide inside the room than rushing outside as you may get hit by falling structures while running out. Even in case you decide to run out keep your head covered by a pillow or cushion.

3. Never place falling objects on your wall or cupboard like glass objects which might have the chance of injuring you. While rushing out make sure there are no trees or large structures or overhead power lines.

4.  Keeping things like water, first-aid, a cell-phone, radio, torch light and dry fruits handy will give you an added advantage when you decide to hide beneath wooden structures.

5. Ask you school teachers to conduct earthquake safety drills to protect children during an earthquake and proper instructions on where to gather and available exit points and safety mechanisms during a fire breakout during an earthquake.

One thought on “Safe Place to Hide During an Earthquake”

  1. Wrong, do not go under a desk, under a bed, don’t go under anything. Go outside, as I have never seen or heard of a building going down in the first minute or less. The best inside if you cannot get out, is to lay down next to a wall, this is where the pyramid effect happens, this is where people are saved from as when a roof falls it crushes everything in the middle of the room. If you think your desk will hold it up, your already brain dead. The roof is not and never set down, it falls down, it weights allot more then you car, more then a Semi Truck, if you think your desk will stop a moving Semi Truck then go under the desk and die. I have been in buildings, schools and so on that have collapsed, each time the walls have a pocket or space where nothing falls, as the wall holds up one end, the other falls into the center of the room. This is called a pyramid effect, this is the safest place to be.

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