If you have just turned 17 you are probably starting to think about driving, as now you are old enough. Or maybe you have put of driving as you didn’t need to learn before but now you have taken that job a few extra miles away. Or maybe you have put of driving because of fear and now you can no longer take the thought of having to use the bus one more time, or having to rely on others to get you to places on certain times. If this applies to you then it’s a good idea to research into the best way to learn to drive, taking into consideration the amount of time and money which you can spend on learning to drive.

If you choose to learn to drive over a long period of time, having one, one hour lesson per week it could be costly and inefficient. This is because of the time left in between your driving lessons, without any practise. You will learn and master new things in your lesson, but without any practise throughout a whole week you will almost certainly go back a few steps every time you get back in the car. Practising driving as much as you can everyday is the only way to learn at a steady slope with no drawbacks. Another problem with learning through driving lessons once a week is that because it will take you a longer time to master the manoeuvres you will more than likely end up spending a fortune on driving lessons throughout the months at an average of £22 an hour lesson.

The fastest way to learn to drive is book yourself lessons uninterrupted, where you will be able to drive constantly picking things up quickly. If you book into an intensive driving school you can expect to have an intensive week of driving with up to 5 hours a day driving. If you ask anyone who knows how to drive they will tell you that within the first two weeks of passing their test and being able to drive constantly they will have pretty much mastered driving to a high standard. But this only comes after passing and being able to drive freely as much as you want. With an intensive driving school you will gain this extra benefit and be able to master driving in a shorter space of time. Another great thing about an intensive driving school is that there will be a discount in the price of the lessons; as you will be buying in bulk, plus you wont need as many lessons as if you were going to learn to drive with one hour lessons per week. After you have completed your intensive driving school a test will have been booked for you prior to starting and you will have usually taken the theory test throughout the week in which you started your intensive driving.

The benefits of an intensive drive school are one to one tuition, cutting costs, cutting learning time, short waiting time to take tests, less distractions focusing only on driving in that week, and obviously learning to drive in a week.Another good way of learning to drive is to book onto a residential driving school. This is a more enjoyable way of learning to drive, and you can learn to drive while exploring a new place. It’s best to go to a residential driving school which is located in a town or small rural area. This is so that you’re not learning to drive on busy city roads, and can relax more while you enjoy the sights around you. At a residential driving school you can expect to go away from home for a week, and stay somewhere new, while like an intensive driving school have lessons everyday for a few hours. This is a good way to learn to drive as you will away from any distractions and other commitments that you have at home, and you will also be able to relax and enjoy your time away exploring a new place. At a residential driving school your instructor will pick you up everyday from your accommodation and drop you back after. Residential driving schools really are a great way to learn to drive while you’re away on holiday.

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