MSRTC Semi Sleeper

If you have traveled in the Maharashtra Road Transport Red Bus in the past, then you might be happy to know the introduction of Semi Luxury Buses on several routes by MSRTC. MSRTC has done a lot of improvement in the services recently including making it a point to start on time , however the destination time still varies like in the past.

One of the major improvements is the seats of the buses which are 2 X 2 now and can compare with seats of low cost air carriers. Another improvement is the facility of online bus booking provided by MSRTC. Now you can book the bus tickets from the comforts of your home and also select a window seat too ! For bookings the site url is :

However, some factors still require improvement like, better cleanliness inside the buses, reaching on time . Given the speed with which changes are made, may be soon we will have government Volvo buses.

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