Possibilities abound to integrate natural landscaping elements with any swimming pool, whether yours is a new construction or remodeling.

Landscaping also is a key component in the popular poolscape process.

Where to start?
For new swimming pool construction or pool remodeling, the best thing to do is step out and take a good look at your backyard. Then answer some questions. What do you envision? What do you like? Not like? Are you looking for natural setting and environment, or more of a tropical, exotic feel?

Some possibilities for landscaping include colorful gardens, existing trees and shrubs, existing and new plants, rock gardens and elevations.

Plants add beauty and provide privacy, helping swimming pools blend more naturally with the environment. Tall plants will form privacy screens around the pool area. Low-maintenance plants are best.

Broadleaf evergreens like holly trees are a good choice. Avoid flowering trees that may attract unwanted pests.

Fencing serves several purposes, including safety and privacy. Soften a fence by training vines to grow over it. The vines also will help with privacy. Outdoor lighting is another item to consider when deciding on the perfect landscape design.

Patios enhance beauty and safety. A concrete patio with slip-resistant surface or brick patios are the best choices. With brick surfaces, be sure to keep the bricks rough by removing any moss that has formed.

Talk to your pool professional today. Your ideas and their expertise will combine to create the perfect poolscape for you and your family.

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