In order to do stand up comedy you will first need a drive. If you were always the one cracking jokes the most around your family and friends and have always had the thought of doing stand up comedy shows, then you may want to do standup comedy or sketch comedy. Stand up comedy is very hard at first. You may be funny, but if you don’t say it the correct way you may fail in comedy acts.

1. Watch as much stand up comedy as you can. Watching old and current sketch comedy, stand up comedy, comedy videos, comedy movie, live comedy, comedy acts and reading comic comedy will greatly enhance your stand up comedy skill.

2. Write down every joke you have heard or told. Write down every funny story you have heard or told. This will help you to start thinking of funny concepts or ideas.

3. Anything goes in stand up comedy, so the best method when starting to write stand up comedy is to choose a comedian you like and generate opening statements and transitions the way they do. Don’t over think openers and transitions between jokes. I have seen some stand up comedians just say a joke after a joke after a joke with no transitions so seriously anything goes.

4. Take comedy classes or improv classes at your local theater or college to help get new comedy ideas and get help you get comfortable with public speaking.

5. Write stand up material that takes anywhere from 2 to 5 minutes to read out loud. Practice the stand up out loud with all the actions you plan to use in your room privately. Go 100% during practice as you don’t want to get on stage and perform the way you half-heartedly did in your room.

6. Contact your local bars or comedy clubs about there open mic night. Perform your 2 to 5 minute stand up at as many clubs as you can to get great practice. Performing live comedy is the only way to get better and see what real reactions to your jokes are. If you don’t have a friend in the audience to take note of when laughs occurred, put a tape recorder in your pocket before you go on stage.

7. Over time you will become a regular in the local venues and if you are good enough you will get a full length show time at the club or comedy venue. From there you can enter comedy contests across the USA and contact other cities venues and clubs and begin to tour. Ask venue owners for comedy agent contact information as you become known at more and more clubs.

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