Here are some simple ways  that will significantly increase the speed of your Vista hard drive.Follow the following two steps.
The first one is Enable Advanced Performance. In that do the Following procedure………

1] Click on Start then go to Control Panel
2] Open here a  Device Manager
3] Expand the Disk drives branch
4] To open Device properties double-click on your disk drive
5] Then click on the Policies tab
6] Check Enable advanced performance
7]Finaly  Click on  Ok.

Now the second step is for to Turn Off  Low Disk Space Warning. In this also do following steps…..

1] Open Registry Editor. For that you have to go in  Start Menu > Run > type regedit
2] In that go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Policies Explorer.
3] Right click on the right pane and select New Dword (32 bit) Value.
4] Enter NoLowDiskSpaceChecks and hit Enter.
5] Now right click on the new Dword and then click on Modify.
6] Change the data to 1.
7] Finaly click on Ok.

Thus, in this way you can increase the speed of your Vista hard drive.

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