Road Accident in India

Unlike in other western countries where proper procedures are set to take the accident victim to the medical emergency care, in India there is lot of confusion and myths in this regard.

India, leads in road accidents in the world and most of these accidents are caused due to the driver’s error. Majority of the accidents take place in night and during early morning. Drunk driving is one of the main causes of majority of the night accidents.

The fact remains that most of these accident victims may have been rescued if timely medical help is provided and this often occurs due to passer- by neglecting the victim to avoid further trouble and harassment by authorities which is not true in today’s context. Things have changed and now you can admit the victim to any nearby hospital and no medical practitioner can deny to admit the victim or wait for the police to register the case. Read the Govt of India clarification on the issue here.

Steps to follow if you see an accident victim:

Call 108 : An emergency response number for:

a] to save a life b] to report crime c] to report fire d] or any emergency response required from fire, medical or police services.

Inform them of the location and scene of the accident and take the victim to the nearest hospital for first aid and treatment. Call back 108 and give a follow up of the event. In case of any hospital refusing to give medical treatment, remind them of the new rules or call the district collector for help.

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