Children  often look forward to Valentine’s Day, when they get to share cute cards with their friends, eat candy, and talk about happiness and love. However, Valentine’s Day does not have to bring an enormous bill. Teaching children how to practice frugality in relationship to Valentine’s Day gifts will assist them in enjoying the holiday without stressing about money, especially as they grow into adults.

1. Poem Scrolls:
Poem scrolls can be personal yet frugal Valentine’s Day gifts. Ask your children to write poems relating to love or to Valentine’s Day. Next, give them some fancy paper and pens with pretty ink. Ask them to write their poems onto the pretty paper using the best handwriting they can. Roll the completed poems up and tie with a ribbon that has a gift card attached.

2. Lollipop Cards:
The Internet is full of printable Valentine’s Day cards, such as those found at or on DLTK’s printable valentine page at There is no need to overspend on buying valentines when you can easily print them off the Internet using your computer’s printer. Ask your child to choose the valentines he likes best and print them. To save on ink, choose the “fast draft” option for printing or print in black and white and have your child add colors with markers. Buy a large bag of lollipops from the dollar store and tape one onto each valentine after your child signs his name.

3. Pretty Barrettes:
Decorated barrettes make frugal yet pretty Valentine’s Day gifts that your daughter can give to her girlfriends at school. Purchase an inexpensive bag of plain barrettes from a beauty supply store. Use a hot glue gun to help your child carefully glue heart-shaped beads onto each barrette. Allow the glue to dry and cool and place a few barrettes into a cellophane bag fastened with a pretty ribbon.

4. Paper and Scissors Hearts:
Paper hearts are a time-tested craft for young kids around Valentine’s Day. Provide brightly colored construction paper and scissors. Then, show the kids how to fold the paper in half and cut out hearts. The child may decorate or color the hearts using markers if he wishes. Glue the completed hearts onto white or black construction paper and have him sign the bottom of his work of art before presenting it to the lucky recipient.

5. Valentine’s Day Journals:
Purchase several blank books from your local craft or dollar store and then have your child help you find some heart-printed fabric at a fabric store. Cut the fabric to size and use glue to attach the fabric to the cover of each blank book. Place clear Con-Tact paper on top of the fabric once the glue has dried, to protect the journal from dust and spills. Your daughter can write a short note to the gift recipient on the inside of her homemade Valentine’s Day journal.

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