We now have conformation that Left 4 Dead 2 has been released, although fans were a little angry about the one hour delay. The release time was due to be midnight Eastern Time, but it was closer to midnight Central Time. Fans of the game were left scratching their heads, as they could not understand why their pre-orders were not working.A number of forums were feeling the pressure as threads were being bombarded with angry gamers wondering what was going on. However, it was not long when those same fans started to share in their joy of the game once they had been given the chance to play it.

Now that the game has been around for a few hours stageselect.com thought that this would be the perfect time to offer their impressions of the game. The original game was a superb game, so this sequel has a lot to live up too.Left 4 Dead 2 needs to offer so much more than the previous game did, Valve has come up with a game that has a higher level of quality in its gameplay, and its early pre-order sales have proved that the developer has done something right, we just hope that these gamers are not disappointed. There are rumors that Left 4 Dead 2 could be coming to the Sony PS3.

Some may say that Left 4 Dead 2 will only be appreciated by hardcore fans of the first game, but those new to the game will be pleasantly surprised. Let us know if you have begun playing Left 4 Dead 2, and what your impressions are of the game so far.

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