Does your writing class or workshop need some new ideas for a writing project? Try this simple and fun game that gets a person to think on the spot. By creating a few simple subjects with corresponding topics, you can create a fun writing game. This is also a great exercise for writer’s block too.

1. Write down about five to six different holidays or seasons on slips of paper. For example, write Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Halloween, etc. Or you could write seasons such as fall, winter, summer, or spring. Put these slips of paper into an envelope and close it. Label this envelope, “subjects.”

2. Create descriptive or matching words to go with the holidays and seasons. If you are matching Christmas, write stockings, presents, candy, family dinners, etc. To describe the season of winter, you could write snow storm, snowmen, igloos, etc.

3. Make an envelope for each holiday or season. Put the descriptive and matching words into their corresponding envelope. All of the snow words go into the “winter” envelope, and all of the “Christmas” words, go into the “Christmas” envelope. Try to write about 10 words for each holiday or season.

4. Gather a small group of friends who enjoy writing together. Hand out a couple of sheets of paper and a pencil to each person. Have someone draw a slip of paper out of the “subjects” envelope to see what topic everybody will be writing on.

5.Get out the corresponding envelope that matches the subject. If they draw the season of “winter” slip of paper, then get out the envelope that has the winter subjects in it. Pass the envelope around to your group of friends and have them pick out a slip of paper. Do not let them share what it is with anybody. Do this until everybody has taken a slip of paper.

6. Set a timer for ten minutes. Have everybody write a poem or thoughts down about their topic on the slip of paper. Once the ten minutes has passed, everybody must put down their pencils. Go around the table and have everybody share their poem or thoughts.

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