Putting a solderless mod chip inside of a Nintendo Wii is a good example of how this is done and will prepare you for modifying any game console using a solderless mod chip.
1. Opening the Wii Case:
a. Put the clean cloth down on a work surface. Remove the power cord and any audio and video cables from the Wii.Place the Wii upside down on the clean cloth.

b. Remove the small silver screw with the Phillips screwdriver. Remove the battery compartment tray from the bottom of the console and lay it aside.

c. Remove the rubber foot from the battery compartment tray.Remove the three white stickers on the bottom of the Wii.

d. Remove the screws that were hidden by the rubber foot and the stickers with the Phillips screwdriver.Remove the screws at the top side and bottom side on the bottom of the Wii.

e. Turn the Wii console back right side up and put it down on the cloth. Remove the two rubber feet and the two stickers near the faceplate. Remove the screws exposed under the rubber feet and the stickers with the Phillips screwdriver.

f. Stand the Wii vertically and remove the two socket covers by wiggling them loose. Remove the screws from the black plate that is now revealed with the Phillips screwdriver.Carefully pull off the faceplate and pull the red wire connected to the faceplate out and off. Put the faceplate aside.

g. Put the Wii down on the cloth on its left side. Wiggle the right side of the cover to remove the cover.Remove the four screws holding the DVD drive in place with the jeweler’s Phillips screwdriver

h. Lift the DVD player up and off the motherboard and disconnect the two wires connected to it by pulling one off and the other by releasing the small latch. Put the DVD drive aside.

2. Installing the solderless mod chip

a. Locate the two IC chips that are by themselves on one side of the motherboard. Remove the hard drive plate cover to the side of the chip using the Phillips screwdriver. Put the drive cover aside.

b. Press the solderless mod chip onto the smaller IC chip so that it fits snugly.

c. Take the cardboard protective cover that comes with the chip off the solderless mod chip. Push the cardboard down so that the corresponding hole in the cardboard fits over the solderless mod chip.

d. Reverse the disassembly process to put the Wii back together.Plug the Wii’s power cord and any audio or video cables back in.

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