Computer games have become as much a part of life as any other electronic media. People can now play these games anywhere they go. With this increased portability comes a greater of disk corruption or destruction. Therefore, it is important to know how to take care of computer games.

1. Purchase a protective disk holder or case for your computer games. The increased portability of games makes it more difficult to carry the games in the original case, so a person should purchase a mass storage case to hold many computer games at once.

2. Grasp the computer games by the edges of the disk when you handle them. If you grab the computer games on the play side of the disk, your fingerprints and the oil and dirt from your fingers will damage the computer game.

3. Take the computer games out of the player when not in use. If you leave the disk in the player, it increases the chances the computer games will incur damage.

4. Put the computer games back inside their original casing or the storage device purchased in Step 1. Computer game damage most often occurs when they are simply laying around uncovered and exposed to the elements.

5. Make backup copies of the computer games. Just in case there is irreparable damage to any disk.

6. Buy a disk-cleaning system to make sure the disks stay clean of any dirt or debris.

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