As the games industry braces itself for the rise of digital distribution, Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto has stated that he still sees a future for physical media.”If you look at digital distribution with the fact that you don’t need money for packaging and things like that, it’s great,” Miyamoto told The Mercury News. “Personally, I’m one of those guys who, even if I have all the songs from iTunes, I want the CD as well. It’s something that makes me — I feel more reassured with that physical media.”

“Entertainment is something that will not just become digital,” he continued, “If I look at Wii MotionPlus, this is something that you’re not doing via digital distribution.”The thing for us is we really don’t see the future of video games being merely confined to digital distribution or moving solely or even to a majority of our products being distributed that way.”

Nintendo has been traditionally conservative in its approach to online gaming, but the Wii and DSi’s downloadable games services suggest the Kyoto company is beginning to embrace digital distribution.

Can you see a future without a weekly visit in your local games emporium, waiting behind a tracksuit-clad man desperate to offload a carrier bag of stolen PlayStation 2 games as the nu-metal soundtrack makes your ears gently bleed? Let us know in the comments section below.

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