Sony Digital Photo Frame

Sony Digital Photo Frame

Model : DPF  D1020/B Priced at MRP: 8990 INR

Gone are the days when you placed static photo frames where you attached the printed photos inside. Now in the digital age you can have a digital photo frame which can store upto 2GB of images which can be around 4000 photos. You can change the photos as and when you wish and also browse them. It has various modes for slideshow viewing too and also has the capability to play audio and video.

The screen size is large enough 22 cm X 13 cm and should look like an iPad screen. It also has a clock and calender to add up to your help. Also it is equipped with auto orientation to view photos both horizontally and vertically.

Apart from this model which is priced at Rs. 8990 Sony also has less priced models at Rs. 3990 with 128 MB capacity and 17cm screen.

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