Cassette Wallet…………….

This retro Cassette Wallet is of cost $39. This wallet is hand-made by Marcella Foschi who is from Italy, so each design is a one-off.
Below one is photo of Cassette Wallet as its name indicate it’s shape is also of cassette…………

Toast Wallet……….

Can youever seen the Tost on your wallet. Yes, now these design can come in market. Now you keep your bread in this funny Toast Wallet. The cost of this wallet is of $7.99 that looks just like a slice of buttered toast. Handy pockets keep your bills & cards secure and also you know well toasted. ………

Crossword Wallet………….

Design of the Crossword Wallet is quite interesting especially if you suck at crosswords and require plenty of time to complete one. As also name of these wallet indicates crossword is present on these wallet. And you have to solve this puzzle. And if you require long time to solve then you have to keep this wallet with you always & whenever you get the time you can solve this puzzle.  These wallet is very interesting due to its design. Most of the people like these wallet due to its creative design.

Duct Tape Wallet………..

These wallet is specifically engineered so that your wallet won’t lift, peel, or get sticky. These wallet is made from Super Duct Tape. This Duct Tape Wallet  is of cost $7.95. This is an wallet which is one part high fashion, one part weekend warrior, and another part sheer cool…………..

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