One of the first things you will want when you move into your new apartment is to cover your windows, especially your bedroom windows, so that passers-by can’t easily look into your home. Most apartments already have mini-blinds, but it is still recommended that you at least add window coverings to your bedroom windows for maximum privacy. For rooms that need more lighting, such as the living room, you may prefer to have some thin curtains hung up. That way you can open the blinds for light, yet still keep snoops from examining what you own inside.
Of course, if the apartment has some odd-sized windows, extra-large windows, custom-made windows, or you just don’t plan on being in that apartment for very long, you may not want to buy curtains at all. You can easily buy pre-made curtains or make your own. Or, as a last (cheap) resort, you can tape newspapers over your windows but your landlord probably would not recommend that idea.

First thing that you need to do is measure the window or windows you want to cover. Measure the width and length of each window, since bedroom windows are usually smaller than living room windows. For blinds, you just need the interior measurements of the window (width, length). If you plan to add a curtain rod, you need to add about three inches to the left and right edges. Make notes if there is anything (like a wall) within the three-inch border. The less space you have around the window, the smaller the curtain rod will need to be.

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