Modest variant
Any pure color is capable to cause irritation in human perception, it requires contrast. – Therefore, working out at the apartment’s interior, it is not necessary to prefer any one color, especially if it concerns to the so-called active palette (yellow, orange, red), because it will be psychologically impossible to stay in such premise for a long time. Color can be always combined with another. The main thing is to avoid strong contrasts – they tire eyes very quickly. Combine not less than three shades.

Pastel in bed
Blue and muffled yellow shades are well combined and the calming effect creates superficial light green tone – this variant ideally suits for bedrooms. – It is better to choose no saturated coloring lilac, green, blue and pink colors for children’s room. The composition of dark blue, yellow and white colors would be the ideal variant both for relaxation and work. Golden-brown color scale will create special cosines in your house.

Grey ambitions
Popular orange is capable to give the tired by black-and-white scale interiors joyful heat and high spirits. this color will attractively look in country and folk style interiors. But even in minimalist style orange color can be quite pertinent because of emotional discharge. From the functional point of view this color should be used in sitting room or living room as it promotes the liberated dialogue and individuality. Orange color can stimulate appetite – that is why it is simply irreplaceable in a dining room and on the kitchen.

Red color requires absolutely special context – no other color can “argue” with its causing ambition and bright temperament. Perhaps, beige, grey and all the same white tone are the only shades, which are capable to restrain its ardor.

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