It is important to teach your kids how to be creative with the resources that they have. You can use different fruits and vegetables to make art. Some of the items that you can do are okra stamps or apple stamps. Making apple stamp art is an easy activity that you can do with your kids. You can ask them to design their brown paper lunch bags so that they can show them off to their friends in school!
Apple Stamps
Here are the steps on how you can make apple stamps:
1. Prepare your area. The first step is to prepare your area. For this activity, it is best to work on a large table. You can put a plastic sheet over the entire table. Secure the plastic sheet with tape. Afterwards, lay some old newspapers on the table so that it can absorb the juice of the apples or spilled paint.

2. Materials. Now, gather all the materials that you will use for the project. You will need fresh apples, some paper towels, brown paper bags, different colors of paint, paper plates and a sharp knife. If you are going to do this with your kids, it is advisable that you pre-cut the apples before you start the activity so that you wouldn’t have to work with knives with your children. What you have to do is to prepare and cut the apples in half.

3. Making the stamps. For each apple, you will come up with two stamps. Prepare the paint by pouring them on a paper plate. This will make it easier for you to dip the slice of apple on the paint. Use a separate paper plate for each color of paint that you will use.

4. Using the stamps. Get a slice of apple. Use a paper towel to remove some excess apple juice from the slice. Afterwards, dip the flat side of the apple on the paint. Scrape the slice of the apple on the side of the paper plate to get rid of the excess paint. Get a brown paper bag and lay it flat on the table. Press the apple on the brown paper bag and lift slowly. You have now made an apple stamp.

5. Other ways of making stamp. For the other slice of apple that you have, you can carve out different shapes on the core of the apple. You can do this for your child. Use a sharp knife to carve out different shapes, such as hearts, stars, circles and other shapes that you want!

6. Clean-up. With this activity, you can also teach your kids how to clean up after their mess. It will be easier as they only have to throw the used newspapers and remove the plastic sheet over the table and discard the trash.

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