Painting miniatures is part of role playing hobbies. These pastimes are fun, easy and for some an obsession. While you can paint plastic figurines, they do not have the same vibrancy as pewter miniatures.

Set Up:
1. Set up your paint station in a well lit area. You might even want to use a spotlight for close up, detail work.

2. Wear clothes on which you won’t mind getting paint. You may be painting a small figurine but accidents do happen. Also put newsprint down to protect the table you are painting at.

3. Buy an assortment of brushes. You want at least a 2, 1, 000 and 5/0. This has to do with how small the brush head gauge size is. The smaller the head, such as a 5/0, the better for detail work.

4. Wash the miniature to remove any residue from it.

5. Cut the molding lines that are present on the miniature. You want a smooth figure to play with and don’t want to paint these eyesores on your miniature.

6. Paint the primer on after the miniature dries. If the figurine will be painted dark in color use a darker primer. Otherwise use a light primer.

7. Paint the figurine with the color scheme you would like. Here is where you use the fine gauge brushes for the detail work. Good light at your workspace enables you to better see those areas and make sure every crevice is painted.

8. Apply a sealer to the miniature after it has thoroughly dried. This can either be a spray or paint. This protects the paint you just applied so it does not chip off.

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