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Landscaping Ideas for the Pool

Possibilities abound to integrate natural landscaping elements with any swimming pool, whether yours is a new construction or remodeling. Landscaping also is a key component in the popular poolscape process. […]

Affordable painting tips for your bathroom

This article provides an overview of a few bathroom painting ideas and decorating tips that you can use to give your bathrooms a sense of warmth and comfort. But don’t […]

Landscape Design Ideas For Gardens

“Landscape design.” Sounds rather imposing, doesn’t it? And, to be sure, one could spend years studying all the ideas in the field of garden or landscape design. But what about […]

How to construct a false ceiling

False ceilings are used to cover huge distances or head rooms in a house. They can also be used to house appliances like extractors or air conditioners within that space. […]

Cover Your Windows with Blinds

One of the first things you will want when you move into your new apartment is to cover your windows, especially your bedroom windows, so that passers-by can’t easily look […]

Decorative Lighting

Decorative Lighting plays a significant role in making your home look stylish and beautiful. We can use these lights in different areas of our home such as Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen, […]

Master Bedroom Design

Plan a master bedroom and bath to be somewhat of a retreat in your home. Include colors and fabrics that look upscale. Even a small space can seem very luxurious […]

Ideas for decorating boy’s room

A decorating theme is a great way to begin decorating a room for a child. If you’re like most parents, you’ve probably spent lots of time thinking about decorating your […]

Sofa buying advice

When you’re thinking about a new sofa, you’ll want to check our sofa buying tips. While it is important to get a sofa in just the right color, it is […]

Best colors for bedrooms

Modest variant Any pure color is capable to cause irritation in human perception, it requires contrast. – Therefore, working out at the apartment’s interior, it is not necessary to prefer […]

Steps for creating Miniature painting

Painting miniatures is part of role playing hobbies. These pastimes are fun, easy and for some an obsession. While you can paint plastic figurines, they do not have the same […]

Steps for become a successful Portrait painter

If you have artistic talent, an interest in people and a strong work ethic then becoming a portrait artist might suit you and with the right skills, preparation and application […]

Steps for teaching Art Appreciation

Everyone has their own interpretation of what “good” art is, even artists themselves. Because art is so subjective and because some famous works of art aren’t immediately appealing, a lot […]

Steps for drawing a Silhouette

Silhouettes are outlines of a person in profile, filled in with black color and placed on a white background. The technique was developed by Etienne de Silhouette and, before photography  […]

Steps to create an Ocean Mural

Create a fantasy underwater world in children’s rooms, school rooms and bathrooms with an easy-to-paint ocean mural. It may appear to be a lot of work, but it is simple […]

Steps for creating a Palette painting Art

palette painting art technique uses dabs and dots of paint instead of straight lines, adding dimension to your artwork. Things Needed: * Cornstarch * Poster paints * Small containers * […]

Steps to make a Graphic Art

Historically, graphic art meant printmaking, or the tactile art of drawing and painting using traditional tools applied by hand on paper or canvas. But today, modern graphics for commercial use […]

Steps to create a Stone Sculpture

Stone carving can seem like one of the most intimidating of the physical arts, as stone is one of the least forgiving mediums. A slip of the chisel or crack […]

Steps for creating Modern Acrylic Landscapes Painting

Modern Acrylic paints for artists offer many advantages over traditional oil paints, including fast drying and working time, superior durability and non-yellowing medium. Many professional artists and illustrators today have […]

Details about the Surrealist Art

Surrealist art came to prominence during the 1920s. This cultural movement incorporated non-linear, sometimes nonsensical images and styles that defied normal, earthy art. Many artists all over the world adapted […]

Important skills needed for a Photographer

Photographers build their skills by studying those who have come before and the techniques that were used to tell a story. While the equipment used to take photos has changed […]

The difference between Public & Studio Art

The terms “public art” and “studio art” are not necessarily opposing. While “public art” tends to have a straightforward definition, “studio art” can have different meanings according to the context […]

Steps for making a 3D Cartoon Drawing

3D Cartoon Drawing, or perspective drawing, requires not only artistic skills but also a good understanding of the technicalities that go with it. There are certain rules to be followed, […]

Steps for creating a sketch Art

People tell all the time that they wish they could draw or where better at it. And tell them that they can it’s just a matter of detail recognition, hand/eye […]

The art of Steer Skull Symbolism

The bleached skull of a steer is a potent and enduring symbol of the American West. In countless movie and television Westerns, steer skulls embody the desolation and dangers of […]

Steps to Paint on Ceramic Mugs

While you can usually find painted ceramic mugs in most boutique gift shops, creating your own allows you to customize the mug with your own designs. You can add names, […]

Steps to make the best use of Stock Art

A lot of artists use technology for them to create different types of art. There are artists who make digital art by using programs, and photographers also use photo editing […]

Steps to create a Apple Stamp

It is important to teach your kids how to be creative with the resources that they have. You can use different fruits and vegetables to make art. Some of the […]

Steps to learn a Spray Paint Art

Spray paint art, like other forms of painting, takes a lot of practice. Artists who paint with this medium have to learn hand control in order to put the paint […]

Steps to create your own Fabric Painting

Fabric painting can be a fun and beautiful craft. You can use it to add designs and color to clothing including t-shirts, pants, jeans, and jackets. In addition to that […]

Simple & easy steps to make a Wall Art

Steps to teach you how to perfectly coordinate colors, express your sense of style and still keep your money in your pocket to create wall art. 1. Express Yourself on […]

Steps to sell your Art & make money

If you are an artist trying to sell your work, you may not know where best to turn to. While there is no promise that you will quickly be able […]

Metropolitan Museum of Art in NewYork

Containing over two million works of art and 19 curatorial departments, the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the world’s most renowned art collections. The permanent collection […]

Steps to add a perfect colour to Caricature Portrait

A caricature portrait can be a most expressive style to bring out the particular character of a subject, and the results make for wonderful gifts, made even better with a […]

Steps to make a perfect art by using Liquid acrylic paints

Liquid acrylic paints are used as an ink or wash and can be applied to a painting surface through the use of a dip pen or paint brush. Liquid acrylics […]

Steps for adjusting to a new Culture

Adjusting to a new culture can be exciting and challenging or frustrating and upsetting.  A new culture always requires adjustments; sometimes these adjustments require a complete life adjustment including dress, […]

Steps to convert Photo to Anime

Anime is recognizable because of the characters’ small noses and large eyes. If you have a favorite anime character, a fun idea is to take a photo of yourself and […]

Techniques for a good painting

There are a few basic techniques in painting that you can focus on studying. These don’t necessarily cover the specific brush strokes, but mostly have to do with blending techniques […]

History of Halloween

Halloween is an annual holiday celebrated on October 31. It has roots in the Celtic festival of Samhain and the Christian holy day of All Saints. It is largely a […]

Kandi Burruss opens TAGS Boutique

In an extraordinary act of courage and willpower, Kandi Burruss has opened a store in Smyrna in collaboration with her long time friend Peaches Chin. As her fiancé A.J Jewel […]

Decorate your wall with Faux Painting

Faux painting refers to a variety of decorative finishes that can be applied to walls, including sponging, rag rolling, stippling and dragging. Step 1: Paint the wall a solid color. […]

World’s most weird fashion show cat walk..he is on fire !

The world’s most weird fashion show where all of the models walked on the ramp with the fire flames burning on their body. Does that look as a fashion, how […]

Paul Jr Designs | Paul Jr occ girlfriend | Paul Teutul Jr married

These days, Paul Teutul Jr, helped by his girlfriend Rachel, is mostly working out of his house, launching his new business JR Designs. Yes, he is still making appearances on […]

Best Halloween costume for women

Remember to always look pretty, sexy and confident. It’s a time for fun and you don’t want people getting scared of you, instead, wear a Halloween costume that will prompt […]

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