Having worked with images in photoshop for long, one feature which every user would dream to have is the capability to clear out blur images. Till recently, this was considered as an impossible task, as the blur images were due to shaky camera and shot angles.

Adobe at the MAX 2011 event has announced the capability to de-blur images and a demo was presented to a large audience which cheered for the new feature. Even though the feature is not included in the present Adobe Photoshop software, it will soon be added to it in the newer version launches. Adobe has developed a complex algorithm which makes a guess of the movement of the camera while the image was taken originally and corrects the image. This technology sounds too amazing to be true. Not only this opens a way for thousands of photographers and artists who work with photos but also creates a possibility to de-blur old important photo archives.

The following video of the event gives a demo of the feature:


2 thoughts on “Adobe Photoshop Will Get an Impossible Feature Soon: Unblur”

  1. Just another way for poor “photographers” to cheat instead of learning proper photographic technique. I hate photoshop for that, and many other reasons. Another is the “creation” of scenes that never existed.

  2. This is quite an interesting feature for photoshop users. This will help me work on 100’s on blurred photos which are gr8 shots. Looking forward to more in next versions on Photoshop CS7.

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