If you know about the India Against Corruption campaign, you probably know about that number too. If not, its a call to save the nation against corruption. No you need not call and speak to somebody, you just need to give a missed call to +91-22-61550789 and thats recorded as a support to the on going campaign against corruption started by the Veteran Gandhian Anna Hazare.  The call to this number has become more powerful than a vote as it supports the implementation of Lok Pall Bill – A Law against Corruption.

Earlier too, it was Anna Hazare who forced the government to bring in the Right to Information Act, which today helps in unearthing various scams and corrupt practices of the government by adding transparency to the system. However, the Right to Information Act, even though helps to identify corrupt politicians and officials, it fails to punish them. The Lok Pal Bill will be powered to bring to book all corrupt people, including the politicians.  Anna Hazare is sitting on a fast unto death from April 5th 2011 and the fast is still on at the Jantar Mantar.

The website for the support of the movement : www.indiaagainstcorruption.org is already down due to server load as its getting more hits than it could handle. However, you can support the movement on facebook by increasing the ‘Likes’ at http://www.facebook.com/IndiACor which already has 131713 and growing by every hour.

Will showing support for the movement work?

Yes, it will. Government is already feeling the pressure and taking note of the coming elections, it will force the government to take action on this. The people are involved the more the pressure on the government to act. Also the fact that Anna Hazare enjoys a lot of ground level support among the masses also adds credibility to the movement. Earlier he has forced two state governments in Maharashtra to step down and this is first time he has gathered so much support from not only in India but from Indians all over the world. Some people wonder how giving a miss call will work? Well, it does as its registered as your signature for the “India Against Corruption” campaign. Any government in the world will feel the heat with so much support for the campaign.

Support and Rallies All Over

The facebook page and website is updated frequently with the details of rallies and support in your city so that you can take active part in the campaign against corruption.

Why Lok Pal Bill is required?

Have you ever wondered that – Where the amount of tax you pay to the government ends up? Well, sparing a 5-10% which goes into developmental work and security, the rest of the money is eaten up by the corrupt politicians and officials. The reason is politicians and senior officials have no fear for the wrong doing as there is no strong deterrent to not to do it. The Lok Pall Bill will punish the corrupt politicians and senior officials and will have the same powers which the Supreme Court or the Election Commission of India has and will be independent of government rule.

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