Looking for a great way to earn income and start your own business? Housekeeping businesses are booming! Create your own business and make good money with no training and little financial investment.

1. Housekeeping Ceans up:
The housekeeping business is booming. The face of the home cleaning consumer is rapidly changing and growing in number. A service once considered a privilege of only the financially elite is becoming a practical reality for many middle class households.

Career pathing has become more time demanding, making it difficult to balance with the often massive domestic responsibilities of family life. Housekeeping services enable parents to invest their time in their children, rather than chores. It is an affordable means for middle class families to the quality of their lives.

For the elderly and disabled, cleaning services can be essential to their independent survival. Many seniors and disabled individuals rely on this assistance to meet the demands of living on their own. Without this service, some would be forced to leave their homes for an assisted living facility. Housekeeping isn’t only profitable, it can be a real asset to the community.

The demand for service is only one benefit of starting your own cleaning business. You will experience the same freedom other business owners enjoy. You will set your own schedule (in coordination with your clients) and can accept or refuse as much work as you choose. By delivering on the valuable service you promise, you will be building a reputation. This tremendous referral source will propel your company forward on the wings of your excellence.

2. Things you will need:
Consider what you know about housekeeping. You’ll need products for dusting, cleaning glass, disinfecting, and more. You will benefit from having your own broom, dust pan, mop, vacuum, etc. Some clients may prefer you use their cleaning supplies, but most will expect you to bring your own. You may choose to wear a cleaning uniform, such as hospital scrubs, to protect your clothing and lend a more professional appearance. You will also need transportation to your jobs.

You should have access to a computer, a printer, and (ideally) the internet. You will need the computer and printer to design and produce master copies of your advertisements. You may also wish to print your own business cards. The internet, though not essential, will be an excellent, inexpensive means of advertising your business, creating a corporate identity, and communicating with your clients.

Working with a partner has great benefits also. It will allow jobs to be completed faster and offer the ability to take more assignments. More importantly, it adds to your safety. You will be going to someone’s home, often a stranger’s, and staying there for an extended period of time. If you work alone and you find yourself in an unsafe situation, your life could be at risk. Working as a team will not ensure your safety, but it will make you a more difficult target for crime. It will also be of help should random injury occur.

3. How to start:
First, sit down and write out a short business plan. Unless you are applying for a business loan, it doesn’t have to be formal. Simply answer the following questions:

* How much time do I have to invest in this business? Daily? Weekly?
* How much money do I have to invest in this business?
* Do I have a business partner?
* How much time do they have to invest?
* How much money do they have to invest?
* What do I want most from my business? Income? Freedom? Business Ownership?
* What goal would be an indicator of success?
* How much do I want to be paid for one hour of my services?
* How much are others getting for their services? (Check local business websites, or call and ask a local service what they charge)
* What would my ideal job be? Cleaning for the elderly? A couple with children? The wealthy?
* What would my ideal schedule be?
* How will I encourage myself when I struggle?
The answers to these questions will guide you through the start-up of your new business.

4. Research:
You will need to call your local business bureau to see if your business will need to be licensed. Many states do not require you to do this, but it is important to check. You will also need to register your business with the state tax agency as you may need to collect service tax from your clients.

5. Advertise:
What sort of budget do you have for advertising? $300? $40? Nothing? Technically, it’s possible to get clients with no formal advertising. This would be through word of mouth or with hand written ads on local bulletin boards. However, an investment of $30, spent wisely, could increase your company’s growth by leaps and bounds. Your $40 can provide fliers, calling cards, and an internet presence. You can design your own printed advertisements to post locally or mail. For step-by-step instructions on how to advertise your business effectively for $40, see the instructions listed in the resources below this article.

6. Deliver:
For your business to succeed, it is essential to deliver quality, professional service. From your first encounter, to your fiftieth job, present yourself in clean and professional attire. Keep your supplies organized and your tools neat and clean. When interacting with customers in person or on the phone, always conduct yourself professionally.

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