1. Approach a commercial security system provider. Some of the largest in the United States include Apex, Brinks, ADT and Pinnacle.

2. Discuss your budget with the security salesperson. If your budget is tight, this will, of course, affect the type of security system that you can afford. Remember, however, that you can often save hundreds, perhaps thousands, of dollars per year on insurance once you’ve installed a security system for your business. Talk with your insurer beforehand.

3. Discuss your security operation with the salesperson. Will your company be hiring a security person or team of security personnel? If not, purchase a security system that is simple to operate. Accidentally tripping the alarm more than three times may incur a fee in some areas.

4. Discuss what you need protection for with your salesperson. Are you looking for protection for your physical store or office? Or are you more concerned about security for your electronic records? Is there a particular room or set of rooms in your building that need additional security? A basic commercial security system, focused on physical protection of an actual space, typically uses motion detectors and/or door alarms.

5. Ask your salesperson about other add-ons that may be available with your security system. For example, you may need additional smoke detectors in your office. Or you may want to hand out portable panic buttons to all of your employees. Perhaps you’ll want to add closed circuit television monitoring, or glass-break detectors for all of the windows.

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